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Be selfish, work for Obama!!!

A friend recently confessed that the length of this primary election season, all of the mud being slung, and the misjudgments by both Senators Clinton and Obama have exhausted her. Moreover, she is tired to the point of frustration and does not intend to exert any more effort to help Obama win.

I understand her feelings, my own legs have begun to feel very heavy. However, we cannot give up. I encourage her and everyone else to breathe in deep and catch a second win. As I have said before, this country needs Obama and Obama needs each one of us to help his campaign.

When you hear about his fundraising achievements, it is easy to think that your efforts are dispensable. They are not. Think about it, he needs twice the money to get half as far. He hasn’t been doing this as long as Clinton has. And despite his achievements, he is the unknown quantity. Accordingly, he needs to remind people of his competence intensely and often.

It is easy to get discouraged after you see him lose a state like Pennsylvania. You start believing the schizophrenic media that has begun to question whether this country is ready for a Black president. When you feel that way, fall back on the results in the Thirty (30) states that have said otherwise.

Don’t get confused. As I said, I understand fatigue and I understand frustration. After all, I live in Pennsylvania, the commonwealth of the provincial--the state that ended Obama’s victory ride, and broke my heart.

However, I still believe. If you still have hope, and you still believe that we need change, keep working for the campaign. Go to and sign up to call the voters of North Carolina, West Virginia, and Indiana. In the end, your efforts are purely selfish. You’re working because you believe that you, your family, and your country will be better off with him in the White House.
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