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Dating Rules Are Made to Be Broken...

When women abandon their dating rules they tend to get surprised by love.

I recently had dinner with a friend described her ideal man and then stated all of the things she wouldn’t do. She ended the conversation with a declaration that she was content being alone and intended to count her blessings instead of lamenting her losses. I wasn’t at all convinced that she was as committed as she sounded, but in the interest of kindness, I simply smiled.

If You Abandon the Rules You May Find Love Where You Least Expect It

I smiled because at one point in my life, I had been her. I refused to date outside of my race. I refused to date short men. I refused to date men who were more than four years older than me or more than four years younger than me. I wouldn’t be involved in a long distance relationship. The list goes on and on. However, once I started breaking my rules, I started loving.

As fate would have it, my friend found love in the most unlikely of places. She found with someone who defied all of her rules. I won’t go say any more than that because it is her story. However, she found love because she realized that people are real and rules are arbitrary. And that’s a lesson that anyone who wants a chance at happiness needs to learn.
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