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Another reason to imbibe...

In case you needed another excuse to drink red wine, access the link below. It contains an article that says that drinking red wine while eating meat might offset the potentially unhealthy aspects of eating meat.

You will love this article. It absolutely celebrates indulgence. It is especially encouraging when being Vegan is often presented as being close to being godliness. All of the Vegans that I know are so serious. However, those red meat eaters that I know are all about having a satisfying dining experience. And those drinkers that I know, me included, are a really good time. So, reading a health article that says you can eat a steak so long as you're drinking red wine at the same time seems like advice that I can embrace with gusto!

I just can't wait until they come out with an article that discusses the benefits of shooting vodka with sushi. I tend to mix my indulgence with a touch of healthy. I also have a great time. If you choose sashimi instead of the rolls you have a low carb meal. You get slightly tipsy that way, but you don't pack on the pounds. I didn't even need an article to teach me that!:-)
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