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Apparently neighbors want more than a cup of sugar...

A male friend recently told me that a lesbian couple who lived across the street from asked him to father a child. Ten years ago that would have been noteworthy, but I didn’t blink. I know that Melissa Ethridge’s children were conceived using sperm donated by her friend. So, I assumed the couple simply wanted to use his sperm. He’s nice looking and is the type of man that would probably make a “pretty baby”. So, I only half way listened to the story. Then, he got to the good part.

The lesbian couple wasn’t seeking a sperm donation. They were looking for a variation on a common theme. They were seeking good old fashioned “stud service”. They asked him to create a baby with them "the old fashioned way". He's good looking, they were feeling him, and they thought that it would be great to tell the child that he/she had been conceived in love.

I had to ask the obvious question, “I thought they were lesbians?” Apparently, labels aren't as useful as they used to be. Although these two women were living as a couple, they didn’t describe themselves as lesbians. They described themselves as "sexual", not bi-sexual, just “sexual”. Personally, I'm not familiar with that use of that word, but I guess it means something close to kinky…

The only reason the child wasn’t conceived is that my friend declined the offer. Truthfully, he was intrigued by the idea. However, everyone has their limit. Somehow he thought that engaging in this procreating threesome plan would be going a little too far…

Anyway, once I understood what he was talking about I was shocked. Despite being rather candid in this blog, I’m uncomfortable asking my neighbors for sugar. Who knew that neighborly requests had gone this far?!
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