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The "Sound of Music" is all about love...

Watching the Sound of Music as an adult last night revealed lessons that I missed as a child. As a child, I was consumed by the music and the commentary about the Nazis. I realize that missed one of the movies most obvious messages--love matters, in a most significant way.

The love story of the Captain and Maria illustrates this message. They both exercise great courage in pursuit of love. And, both believe that it is worth it. The Captain cancels his engagement to the baroness. Maria leaves the convent. They do these things because of the strength of their love. The baroness is left heart broken. The abbey loses a nun. However, as they say, all is fair in love and war.

As I watched the movie, I was keenly aware that I have allowed thought to rule my life and have tried to subtract my feelings from the equation. Given similar choices, I would have married my betrothed or joined the convent. I would have justified my decision as being right and noble.

Quite honestly, I don't have to guess about what I would do. I have largely chosen to live a life that makes sense instead of one based on my heart’s desire. I have been “smart”.

Don’t cry for me though. My life is really good. I have a career, security, and social respectability. However, as I watched “The Sound of Music”, I longed for the courage to answer the call of the music of my heart. Hopefully, I will find that courage in 2009 and take a risk for love…
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