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This New Year is Full of Promise...

I have lived long enough that I have greeted the New Year in almost every imaginable way. As a child, I used to greet the New Year watching Dick Clark and enjoying sparkling grape juice. Later, I began attending church on New Year’s for Watch Night Service. I have spent New Year’s Eve in the arms of my beloved. And, I have heard the clock strike twelve while I was being kissed by someone I knew I didn’t love. I have cheered at midnight in the middle of a party with fireworks overhead. And, I have fallen asleep and missed the beginning of the New Year.

Last night, however, was the first time that I spent New Year’s Eve bar hopping. Admittedly, bar hopping was not my first choice. I had been expecting to be on an island somewhere—relaxing, resting, and reveling in my good fortune. As the clock struck twelve, I was grateful to greet the year safe and sound. I was happy that I had an enjoyable evening. And, I felt blessed that I had spent the night meeting friends that I have made in my adopted city. It may not have been the New Year’s celebration that I wished for, but it was the one that I chose.

I also learned something important last night. Even without the revelry of previous celebrations, the New Year still began pure, sweet, and full of promises. Hopefully, I will continue to cherish the wonderful opportunity that the New Year brings for a long time.
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