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A detour into the men's locker room...

I have lots of interesting marathon training stories. However, I never would have guessed that my marathon training would lead me to the center of the locker room of the University of Pittsburgh football team...

I have always had an uncanny way of discovering things that I shouldn’t. I’ve seen people cheating on their spouses, learned that relatives were late on their mortgages, and found out that people were no longer married, before they announced their divorce. Some might conclude that I’m nosey. That’s part of it. However, I usually discover these things because I frequently divert from the scheduled path and find myself someplace else.

This past Saturday it happened again while I was attending a seminar for the Pittsburgh marathon. I am sure that the event planners thought that there were sufficient bathrooms on the floor when they planned the seminar. However, the wait seemed unnecessarily long to me. And when there is a long wait, I always explore other options.

So, I decided to avoid the long line by taking the stairs to find another bathroom. When I got to the bottom of the staircase I opened the only available door. Imagine my surprise when I found myself in the middle of the University of Pittsburgh football team’s locker room. Fortunately for me, it was empty and had lots of free bathroom stalls. Because I’m me, I starting daydreaming. I wondered what would have happened if the team had been changing in there.

Before I got carried away though, I high tailed it out of there. I had gotten lucky by scoring free bathroom stalls. There was no sense in ruining it by getting caught being somewhere I didn’t belong!
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