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The Best Things in Life are Free...

I have discovered that I can still experience great pleasure in these recessionary times… Lately, I have realized that the best things in life are free. Below is a list of some of my favorite things…

1. Basking in the sun. It is one of life’s greatest gifts. The sunshine has
the power to heal, energize, and seduce.
2. Gazing at the sky. Even the most skilled artist has yet to capture what I
feel when I gaze at an intense blue sky full of fluffy white clouds.
3. The smell of summer. That indescribably sweet smell— has a way of filling
my soul with hope and wonder.
4. The surprise of the wind. A powerful gust has thrilled me as it threatened
to blow my skirt up.
5. The majesty of Pittsburgh’s rivers. They captivate me every morning as I
drive to work.
6. The luxury of sleep. Napping on a weekend afternoon is a sheer indulgence.
7. A long walk. I have found that it has the power to answer most of my
8. A heartfelt hug. There have been times when hug like this has resolved my
9. Pausing. Closing my eyes and breathing deeply has calmed my spirit, even
when followed by a good cry.
10. An animal. The unexpected sight of my neighborhood rabbit has made me
11. A long sensual kiss, for its own sake. I have learned that not all kisses
are created equally, some are truly special.
12. A phone call. My heart has leapt at the ring of my phone when someone I
love is on the other end.
13. The right words. Hearing “I love you” has made everything alright.
14. “The look”. Having someone gaze deeply into my eyes has inspired my
15. A sunrise. Seeing the sun rise always renews my faith.

Lest you think that I have moved to Utopia. I must confess I still have some challenges at work. I feel some rage when people cut me off while driving. I get annoyed when people bump into me without saying excuse me. I sometimes covet things that I see in magazines, like Christian Louboutin shoes… I lust after the leisure life that I see played out in “Town and Country”. And, I wish that I had a personal assistant…

However, neither the frustrations nor the desires last long because I know the truth. Life’s pleasures are all around waiting to be enjoyed. I have been blessed to experience a lot of them. And, I am filled with the expectancy of experiencing them again.
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