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10 Life Lessons learned from Tiger Woods…

Tiger Woods has long been an example for an ideal golfer. He’s been shrewd, contained, and accurate. However, his recent transgressions also teach us a great deal about relationships. While the particulars don’t really matter to those who are not a partner in that marriage, we can glean lessons from the headlines.

1. It is rare for an affair to truly remain a secret.
2. Things concealed under cloak of darkness often explode when exposed to the light of day.
3. People who are scorned often respond violently, even the supposedly docile types.
4. Despite public objections to infidelity, a lot of people succumb to temptation, even those believed to be choir boy types.
5. Disrespect exacerbates the pain of a broken heart.
6. Common decency can prevent relationship problems and serve as a violence prevention tool.
7. Technology can expose secrets in the most embarrassing of ways and at the most inopportune times.
8. Golf clubs are useful for sport and as weapons.
9. The only thing worse than a lie is a bad lie.
10. Being famous means that you have no legitimate expectation of privacy, no matter how much you insist on it.

I hope that Tiger’s situation serves as a practical reminder to all who might consider cheating. Despite what they might think, they really cannot control the outcome. Whenever you are dealing with human emotions anything is possible…

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