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I long for it to be Christmas again…

I know that it seems a little soon, but I long for it to be Christmas again. I don’t long to spend money, for the unlimited Christmas carols, or the endless parties that come with the season.

Actually, I really do miss the parties.

The Christmas Season is Special and I Miss It Greatly

Seriously, the holiday season is punctuated by the actual holidays, but it is defined by the spirit of the season. And, Christmas is a time of renewal and reconciliation. It is as if the world is healed and washed in the blood of forgiveness. Everybody is nicer. People on the street greet you a smile. Sales people are more helpful. Television program are less...seedy.
It is OK to wear sequins to work. And we all are united in our anticipation of the day. The anticipation makes it sweeter. Even though the season almost begins in July now, seeing the decorations, hearing the music, and seeing the countdown on the calendar fills me with more excitement.

People complain about the hustle and bustle of the holidays. However, those who are most busy are those who are loved and those that who love.

I am blessed with a lot of love. So, I try not to complain. My family always reunites at Christmas and our past hurts are erased. It’s as if Christmas transforms us all. My family isn’t a bunch of saints. We are loud, irreverent, and we can be inappropriate. Still, since we are spread around the country the time that we spend together is precious. We revel in it.
After Christmas is over, we disperse.

So, I long for it to be Christmas again. Accordingly, I have yet to dissemble my tree or take down my decorations. If you come to my home, you may hear carols, see wrapped presents, and see me baking cookies. I used to laugh at those people who still had their Christmas tree up well after Christmas day. However, I get it.

Even though the holiday is over, the magic still lingers. And really, what is wrong with trying to hold on to something wonderful for a little while longer???

Here's what I have decided. I am keeping my decorations up as long as they make me smile. They might just be up there until July, in time for the beginning of the launch of next Christmas season!
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