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A Pregnancy is Love, Personified

Life teaches us lessons. Some of them are good. Some are difficult. Over time even the most optimistic woman can get discouraged. Each disappointment, each heart break can make you “realistic” and make fairy tales seem like illusions.

Despite our disappointment, we don our makeup, fly clothes, and our smiles. We go into the world looking like a star, but often feel like we have lost our luster. Some may call that pretending. I prefer to think of it as coping.

Recovering from a Broken Heart

Eventually, we recover from our broken heart and enjoy life again. However, we begin to believe that true love is for other people. And the best that we can do is to have fun with our friends, enjoy our families, and perhaps have an occasional, fleeting romantic rendezvous.

I was there.  In the Spring of 2008, I watched a romantic relationship disintegrate before my eyes.  It was devastating because I had invested three years of my life in that relationship.  But it was also devastating  the break up made me wonder whether true love was something for other people, but not for me.  After I healed, I still doubted whether experiencing true love would be one of my blessings.

Over the next year, my hope was reborn. Little things happened to make me believe that I might become blessed with love, even in the midst of all of the evidence to the contrary.  Eventually, I experienced love in all of its splendor and it outshone my skepticism.

This love helped inspire me. This love helped heal me. And this love gave me the courage to believe again.

A Miraculous Pregnancy

Recently, I learned that this love has produced a baby. That’s right, I am pregnant! So far, I am twenty-seven weeks pregnant (at the end of my seventh month). Getting pregnant after being so sick last year is a miracle.

Watching my stomach grow has been amazing  because I know that this baby is love personified.

Being pregnant has exceeded my expectations and has been all consuming. So, please accept my apologies for the delayed notification. I shall try to do a better job of keeping my blog readers involved in this miraculous and amazing journey.

I know longer question what is possible because I know that miracles are not just for other people. They are for me too. I believe!
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