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Pregnancy, the tie that binds...

It is somewhat amazing how pregnancy binds women.  Once you're in the club people confide in you.  They will tell you about their sex lives, difficulties conceiving, and birth experiences without pause.  It is as if the belly contains a truth serum that compells all women--friends, acquaitances, strangers, to share intimate details about their lives.

I have heard about low sperm counts, lack luster sex lives, and husbands who proved to be unreliable partners.  I have heard about chafed breasts, sore nether regions, and postpartum depression.

People have also asked me the most personal questions.  They have asked me about my weight gain and whether I was "trying to conceive".  Someone even asked me, "girl how did you get pregnant?!"  I couldn't bring myself to say, "I think it was holiday cheer and champagne."  Then again, perhaps I should have answered the question.  It seems as if when you're in the club, nothing's off limits.
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