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Mommy Does Not Change Who You Are

A spa day with friends

I’m interrupting my saga of my life with the baby to discuss things that only affect mommy
Despite the overwhelming joy I experienced after my daughter’s birth and in the middle of the confusion and the fatigue, I had the nerve to be vain. Being vain post-delivery is kind of hard given the rigors of childbirth. However, when the vanity chord runs as deep as it does with me, you manage.

Motherhood enriches your life, but it does not change who you are...

So, post-delivery, after the stitches and the baby was weighed measured and got some eye drops, my mother, sister and Andre were all goo goo eyed over the baby. Shortly thereafter, a crowd started to develop. Andre’s family came in, my dad came in, nurses were giving me instructions about nursing and my post-deliver care and other things that seemed really important that I immediately forgot. Then, someone had the bright idea of pulling out a camera to capture the moment.

Picture it, me in the bed, less than an hour after having a baby, messy hair, no makeup, tired face, and someone starts snapping photographs. Most people say that you’re so happy that you don’t care about the photos. Well, I cared. I was just too damn tired and confused to complain.

You see, immediately after the baby was born I was a little out of it. I think that one of the byproducts of going drug-free is that your body is assaulted by so much pain that it overloads your system. I actually refused to hold the baby after she had been cleaned up because my arms felt too weak to do it. It was almost like I had an out of body experience. I was watching everyone in the room, but I wasn’t really a part of things.

Vanity is not discharged along with the placenta...

The flash on the camera snapped me out of it though. I got just enough awareness to secretly plot the destruction of those photos. I still have that on my agenda.

The next day I woke up ready. I washed my face and applied makeup, ready for my photo-op. Like Norma Desmond, I was ready for my close up. Of course, nobody took pictures that day. Where are the paparazzi when you need them?!

I was pleased with myself having managed to put on makeup a day after giving birth. When I got home I tried wearing my baboosh to try to shrink my uterus into shape. ( The concept is that wrapping your stomach in the band for 40 days and 40 nights immediately after childbirth will get you back to svelte more quickly. Brooke Burke sells them. She’s had a bunch of children and looks great so I thought I’d try it. Imagine my horror when, even after the third day, I couldn't even get the wrap around my stomach!

If you've ever been cocky or conceited, childbirth will humble you rather quickly!

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