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A Glamorous Night for a Mom...

Even though I'm a mom, there are times when I still get out to kick it, sans baby, sans Andre, and I try to represent as well as I did as a single person.  After all, having a baby and getting coupled up does not mean that you have turned in your glam card now does it?!

I was so thrilled with my outfit from the night below I just had to share it with my blog readers. 

I also had to share the story of how the outfit came together so that my fellow moms out there could know that no source of inspiration should be ignored.  Also, everything can become new again if you know how to style it!

The dress was new.  It was one of those somewhat generic, Macy's, Calvin Klein finds that always seems to go on sale.  And, I got this one for a steal. Somehow, it fit me like a glove, which made it special and made me take it home.  The shoes had never been worn, but I they had been in my closet for awhile.  They're really high and not the kind of shoes you wear while carrying a baby or pushing a stroller.  The necklace had been purchased three years ago in Chicago from a street vendor. It was WAY cheap.  However, I have seen that same necklace for sale at Neiman Marcus this season for a lot more.  I guess I have a good eye.  The lavender fur shrug is at least seven years old.  It's one of the best things I've ever purchased.  Ironically, I bought it in Pittsburgh at Saks before moving here. I've worn it with a formal, the dress below and with jeans.  It is truly a wear anywhere kind of thing, if you're the kind of girl who doesn't mind a little fur.  (Please PETA do not write to me.  I understand the issue and simply disagree!)

I'd love to say that I just planned to wear such a cute outfit, but I didn't.  I think that the shrug takes it from ordinary to extraordinary.  And I never would have thought to wear it had I not been for the baby.  I was nursing the baby right before I got dressed and saw the shrug in my closet and it hit me--"Wearing that shrug would be h-o-t"!  To be fair, I may not have been hot, but the outfit was.

After the event, one of my besties took me to Savoy, the fly new hangout in town.  We sat in VIP, sipped champagne and had a grand old time.  I was so glad that I was wearing my cute outfit and blending instead of wearing my "mom jeans"!

Below is a photo of me and the bestie referenced above walking up the stairs.  She is the best kind of friend.  She is friendly, fun, and always has great tickets to events! Seriously, few are as loyal as she is.  Also, she LOVES my kid.  It really can't get any better than that.  No need to get all sappy though.  Love her. And the girl also loves a good time!  The other photo is with me, the bestie and my girl friend toasting to a fun evening!

I am so glad that we hung out that night.  Even though my best times are with my man and my baby, there are times when Chaton needs to remember what Chaton's World was like before it expanded to three.  Thanks K and T for helping me remember.

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