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Contest Results: Proud of our Little Ladybug!

Blog Readers! As you know my daughter was a finalist in the Pinxav Cutest Baby Contest on Facebook.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and support. We received gave it our best shot and made a strong showing. We earned an impressive 380 votes and made a very respectable showing resulting in third place.

Because our little ladybug was a finalist she will receive exposure on the PINXAV site and free product. Since she seems to use a steady supply of diaper rash cream that makes her parents happy!

Even though she didn't win first prize she's our #1 baby and pretty darned cute! Now I can stop harassing all of you for votes and get back to the business of regular blogging! Please forgive me for the nudging. 

For my Pittsburgh followers, go to the PINXAV Facebook page (  and indicate that you are visiting from Chaton's World and that you live in Pittsburgh.  You can get a free sample of the diaper rash cream!

If you are not from Pittsburgh and are the first follower of Chaton's World to get me ten more followers, I will send you some samples myself.  Just have your referrals indicate that you referred them in the "Comments" section. 

OK, that's the end of my promoting for PINXAV.  They don't pay me.  I'm just a fan!
(Special thanks to Shellie Fizer, Alicia Olson, Jeryn Turner, Marsha Soto-Thomas and Barbara Love Postell who led our supporters from the beginning!)

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