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Tales of Thanksgiving...

I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't have at least a brief posting to pay homage to our national holiday, Thanksgiving. After all of the preparation, we had a good day full of fun, food, and fellowship. However, this wouldn't be Chaton's World if there wasn't a twist. So, let me tell you, something funny happened on the way to Thanksgiving dinner... 

Andre decided to fry the turkey.

I had no idea that frying a turkey was such an investment of time, money and faith. First, we had to buy the materials. Instead of going to the turkey fry place and buying a fryer we had to compare. We compared prices and options.

We compared the oil-free fryer to the take it out back, pour in the oil, and light up a flame fryer. As you might imagine, the take it out back, pour in the oil, light up a flame fryer won. Apparently, according to Andre, the oil-free fryer is also called the "fake, punk fryer". I didn't see it on the package, but apparently everybody knows that. Who knew?!

I also didn't know that to fry a turkey you have to buy special oil and get a propane tank.  The entire operation costs over $100 dollars! I actually thought that part of the reason we got a brand new oven last Christmas was so that we could do things like cook a turkey.  I guess that was just me though.

Frying a turkey is manly. Frying a turkey is an activity. Frying a turkey is a manly activity that inspires fear in the hearts of every woman that loves the man doing it!
Everybody has a turkey frying story.  I told colleagues about Andre's plans and I heard many a tale about how they knew someone who knew someone who tried to fry a turkey, but instead wound up injured or in the Emergency Department.  The most frightening story was shared by my colleague who is also a volunteer fireman. He told me that last Thanksgiving he had to go to a house that caught on fire because the oil from the fryer splashed on the deck and set it on fire.

As Andre and his brother were in the back yard his mother and I watched.  Andre was kneeling with a lit match as his brother cranked the propane. Even though he has really good life insurance seeing that made me really nervous.

I was thrilled when they came in victorious.  They brought with them a beautiful glistening turkey that was both crispy and juicy. When we were all sitting around the table holding hands we all had a lot to be thankful for!
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