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Twitter Tuesday! (with correction)

It’s Tuesday again and moms are still Tweeting! So, I have more tweeting moms to profile.  So, here’s what I have I have found. 

There are moms living their lives and raising their children in the face of tremendous odds.  There are moms living la vida loca and others trying to turn their regular lives into celebrity ones. I found a mom who defines herself by her multicultural experiences, another who was single and now is married. There are moms who told the truth, mommies need sleep too.  We are not machines! 

There are the green moms, the Zen moms, and the moms who believe in positive thinking. All of the Tweeters are noteworthy, but a few deserve personal recognition.

One of the moms tweets about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is a commitment, especially when you are full time mom. Anyone helping moms with this responsibility is doing God’s work! I have yet to blog about my experiences as a breastfeeding mom, but stay tuned.  

I found my working mom twin. Being a full-time working mom presents a special set of challenges. You have two full time jobs. You are a full time worker and a full time mom.  There is no such thing as being a part-time mom. Being a mom is the only job without a vacation, but let’s be honest, even with all of the challenges, the benefit package rocks!

I idolize the moms who tweet that we do be anything—work, mother and be hot.  I shall sit at their altar trying to learn! If you're looking to learn some things, follow the ladies listed below! 

1.       @biculturalmama
       2.       @hotmomreviews
       3.       @celebritymoms
       4.       @mamathatcould
       5.       @enlightndparent
       6.       @reallifemoms
       7.       @EcoIncognito (previously mis-spelled)
       8.       @socialmoms
       9.       @momsinamansworld  
     10.   @bepositivemom
     11.   @superbusymoms 
     12.   @sippychronicles
     13.   @hhmstephanie
     14.   @neverhomesahm
     15.   @theleakyboob

Here’s to moms!!! 

(BTW--I used a photo of my family in this post because I love it. There's No relation to the post! :-))
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