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Friday Tip: Save on Flowers for Valentine's Day

Unless she’s allergic, every woman likes flowers for Valentine’s Day. Just like babies love bright shiny things.  This is a known fact.

As a woman, I find flowers beautiful.  They always bolster my spirits.  They make me think fondly of the giver.  Also, unlike chocolate, they are calorie free. So, I can enjoy them without guilt.  My only objection to flowers on Valentine’s Day is that they are too darn expensive.  In a perfect world, I can get flowers and know that Andre isn't draining the baby's college fund to do it!

Guys if are looking to make your lady smile and without robbing a bank to do it you are in luck! Here’s a solution to help you make your sweetie happy, which will likely make you very happy.

Teleflora is running a promotion where you can SAVE 15% on all of their products.  All you have to do is use this Promotion Code: AFPX15.

If you access Teleflora through you can get 20% cash back on your purchase. 

So shop away! Send your Valentine some flowers! Cash in on the gratitude you’ll inspire!

Guys, now you can say that I’ve never done anything for you!

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