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Mommy Confession: I Want an iPhone badly!!!

I just saw a commercial about the iPhone  and I was finally able to articulate what I have been feeling for some time.  I am a second class citizen because I don’t have one.  It’s ironic that I saw the commercial today and articulated my feeling so clearly after attending church where message was about overcoming inferiority.

Why I Want an iPhone

It’s not that I am deeply insecure. It is that the iPhone  is better than my phone.  There is really no point in denying it. It is the holy grail of cell phones. It is cool and functional.  All of my friends who have them casually brag about their iPhone S.  They show me their photos, which are as nearly as good as any taken by a Canon.  They effortlessly post the photos on Facebook.  They have face time. They email. They get directions. You want it. They got it. They are so cool.

I see them with it and get a little jealous. I guess you could say that I covet one.  Oops! Those are both inappropriate feelings on a Sunday. I am pretty sure that my Sunday School instructor told me that jealousy was bad.  I also think that there was a specific directive not to covet other people’s things.  Maybe I just lust for one.  WAIT!  Lusting is on the list of seven deadly sins.  I learned that from a movie with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.  I guess there’s no acceptable to express my feelings so I will just have to repent later.
Just so you know, I am getting no compensation from Apple.  I am just a jealous mom lusting after the hot technology.  Hopefully, my provider will get the iPhone soon.  Because I want to be cool. I want to be in the club.  I want an iPhone .

Knowing me though, even if my provider starts carrying them I might get cheap and stick with the free phone they give me every couple years.  The truth is, I’ve never been that cool.  A mom can dream though!
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