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Friday Tip: Stay in style (Save $2.00 off April Issue of InStyle)

Some times we get so busy with our daily lives that we let our style slip. If you're a mom, it's easy enough to do. The baby needs changing, the bathrooms need cleaning and the floor need mopping. If you're also working outside if the home you have to navigate traffic, manage your work schedule, and meet your deadlines.

With all of those demands it's easy for your style to become an after thought. Don't let it happen! Being stylish increases your credibility, increases your self image, and let's your children and partner know that your matter.

I'm not talking about spending a lot of money necessarily. I'm a huge fan of discount chains like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I have also gotten really lucky at Target.

Shopping without a plan can be overwhelming though. That's where INSTYLE can help. It's like a style handbook. It can teach you how to put together the clothes you already have and help you identify what you should buy to supplement those clothes.

Here's a coupon for INSTYLE so you can get your style handbook at a discount. The only thing better than staying in style is a stylish saving!

$2.00 off April Issue of InStyle:
$2.00 off April Issue of InStyle
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