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I Finally Hit 1,000 Twitter Followers!

I should save this for Twitter Tuesday, but I can't wait. This past week I discovered the limits of my patience. It's when it takes me over 4 days to reach a Twitter goal. Last weekend I was so close to hitting 1,000 followers. I got a bit cocky, but was soon humbled when I fell short. Not only did I fail to hit 1,000 last weekend, I even lost a few followers after my witty request for more followers. I though, "Can a mama get some help" was genius. My follwers were less amused. I guess I broke some Twitter rule of etiquette. I wonder if there's a handbook??? In any event, a watched pot never boils and a stalked Twitter account apparently NEVER hits 1,000. For days I have been waiting. I used every tactic I knew only to stall at 998 for days. I wondered whether I had been cursed by the Twitter gods. Then this evening, just moments ago it happened. I passed the 1,000 mark. And I didn't even have to give up a kidney! How shall I celebrate??? I don't know. However, first I'd like to thank the academy. Without you I'd have no blog and no Twitter account...
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