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My iPad Ate My Blog Entry...

As you know, I love my iPad2, but it is not perfect.  For some reason that I can't understand it deletes my blog entries that I have saved for later review. Here's what happens.

I create an entry in advance on a PC and save it.  When I enter my blog using my iPad with the intent of publishing the post, it has disappeared. Then, when I use a PC to try to read the post, it isn't there either.  It is as if the iPad goes in and plays a practical joke on me.  I can tell you that it's not funny.

Yesterday I had a post about saving $1.50 on Pampers that was witty, timely and practical.  As you can see, the post was not published and my readers were deprived of the coupon savings.  I may just post the coupon without any text. It's not my preference, but I don't want my followers to suffer because of my technical difficulties!

I never had a dog as a kid. So, I was never used the "dog ate my homework" excuse.  And I know that excuse is generally disbelieved.  I now have empathy for those kids. It is a royal pain to work on something only to have it destroyed by something you love.

(Yeah, I do still love my iPad.  However, it was bad so it's not getting any treats, like that Tory Burch sleeve I've been eyeing! :-))
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