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Twitter Tuesday: Moms to follow!

It is Tuesday and I am paying homage to some of the wonderful ladies I have met on the Twittersphere. One honorable mention is Tia Mowry, a wife, mother, and talented actress. I also recently learned that she has achieved one of my dreams. She is a published author.  She turned her pregnancy experience into a book to help other women.  It’s called “Oh Baby!”. I am happy for her but jealous! J 

The other ladies mentioned have stars that are still rising.  Some of them are gorgeous, dynamic and stylish. Others are generous, driven, and sensitive.

They manage homes. They work at home. They work outside of the home. They are married. They are single. They have children. They are hopeful. They are irreverent. They tell us to find something to believe in so that life has more meaning. And they tell us to make sure that we have wine to make the journey more enjoyable. One has the confidence to call herself a “kickass wife”.  (I want some of that!) Another believes that thinking parents are better parents. And like me, one is simply a working mom who is trying to stay organized.  (She may be doing a better job than I am though.)

In a word, they represent every woman. And I am honored to “Tweet” them!

1.      @SJM_CookiesMom

2.      @beeswithhoney

3.      @AdoTheMomalog

4.      @jdaniel4smom

5.      @chosenchaos

6.      @GalitBreen

7.      @BocaFrau

8.      @TimeCrafted

9.      @ddigerati

10.   @TiaMowry

11.   @literalmom

12.   @1121devereaux

13.   @conniefoggles

14.   @karensugarpants

15.   @TravelMamas

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