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Mommy Mondays: Our Memorial Day

The first part of my Memorial Day was filled with a lot of housework. On Saturday we started cleaning and had not finished by Monday morning.  We're behind on housework because we're us and because our nanny was on vacation last week.

Today I made completed some of the projects we started over the weekend. It wasn't necessarily my plans for the holiday, but it did feel really good knowing that our house no longer looks like a tornado went through it!

Don't cry for me though. I also had a lot of fun today. Any day that I spend with the toddler is a great one. Today we spent all day together. She is growing and maturing so fast. Today, she educated me about how she likes to eat her meals. If today is any indication, we're going to have to retire her high chair!

Andre had to work, but when he got off of work we went swimming at my parents' house. Who can complain after spending time at the pool?! Also, my mom made us dinner, which meant that I didn't have to dirty our newly cleaned kitchen. That's the thing about clean houses, living always seems to mess them up!

Below are some photos from our day. Enjoy!

At the Pool

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