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A Peek Into the Life of a Mom Blogger: Housework is Challenging

I know that I have a chip on my shoulder about my house. It’s not that it is that it has things growing  in strange places or there are sticky floors or dirty walls. Generally the surfaces are clean.  However, because our place has no basement we have no storage space.

Because of that, you see everything that we have. And we have a lot, at least for our place.

Hillary Clinton often quotes an African proverb that says "it takes a village to raise a child".  I am convinced that it takes a warehouse as well! I was not at all prepared for how much stuff is necessary to take care of a baby and keep her amused. 

Also, I am a working mom, a woman who loves clothes, and I have a toddler.

At all times, I am nearly drowning in a sea of Fisher Price toys, Legos, and Dora the Explorer dolls and accessories. Also, my closets overflow. It seems as if there are always clothes in the laundry basket to be folded. Although, there was one time at like 3:00AM when I obsessively cleaned the house and for that second, everything was perfect. I want that second back!

I wonder how other working moms have mastered their housework with a smile because  mine often frustrates me. I can never get ahead. Perhaps I am still in denial about what life is like.

Maybe housework is something that is always on your things to do list. Doing it is an expression of love for your family, and the more you have just shows how many more people you have to love! Even though I wrote that I don't really think that I believe it.  Do you?!

I have learned some tips about how to keep my house halfway decent. I'll share those some other time. Today I just felt like whining. I hope that's OK!

Photo of the Toddler and her cousin playing skeet ball in our living room. Notice the magazines on the chair, New York Times on floor and the iPad charging on the floor. Very typical day at our house!

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