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Toddler Tales: Perhaps I'll Be on Dance Moms???

Anyone in my daughter's presence when music is playing knows that she likes to dance.  It's as if she is a toddler possessed.

We have this Pottery Barn CD entitled, "Let's Dance!" The exclamation point means that the phrase is a command and my daughter takes it to heart. As soon as she hears the music she starts to stomp her feet, wave her arms, and bop up and down.  If it is a song that she likes she puts her entire body into it and moves about.

I haven't been around a lot of children, but I am impressed that she actually has rhythm!  She was born with it.  She had to have gotten her rhythm from my side of the family. Andre can't dance.  I have also been told that lack of rhythm has been passed down for generations, on his side.

Being able to keep time with the music is a source of pride for my family.  Some of us even claim to dance well.  My sister, Jeryn, is actually a great dancer. She's the kind of girl who has gotten a shout out from the DJ because of her moves.  Although I am not getting any shout outs, I do OK.

If the video below is any indication, my daughter is taking after my sister. The toddler likes to "Cha Cha" and she's good at it! Perhaps I should see whether Dance Moms is doing a toddler edition? Just joking!

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