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Mommy Mondays: Working Mom Woes (The Loaner Car)

Driving a new car is like holding a newborn baby. You start feeling things you haven’t felt in a while and the next thing you know you’re fantasizing about how great your life could be with another one!

People get impressed because I drive a Lexus.  Often they fail to realize that I bought it used and now my car is twelve years old. I am generally pleased with it. It looks good and it’s reliable.  I did have to take it to the dealer for air conditioner repair a few weeks ago.  Since this is the hottest summer in my memory, I need air conditioning!

Other than the air conditioner trouble I have had no complaints. That being said, I have car envy, big time.

Here's how the lust entered my heart.  The dealer gave me a loaner car “for my convenience”. I think that it’s really for “my persuasion”. Driving the new car shows me that my new car is old. I’m not even a huge car girl.  However, this loaner has the new car smell.  It accelerates quickly. It is as quiet as a sewing machine and handles much better than mine. 

It is just better.  Before driving the loaner, I loved my car.  Now, I think of it as “that jalopy”. Still, with everything new there is a bit of a learning curve.  

The new car operates on a keyless entry and ignition.  It's great technology, but bad if you're not familiar with it.  I left it running in the parking garage twice without knowing it.  Once I forgot where I had parked, was walking around the parking garage, pressing the panic button and cursing the new car because the panic button was doing absolutely nothing.  Once I found the car and realized that it was on I realized that the panic button was ineffective because I had left the car on...

Fortunately, it was a hybrid, and still had a full tank of gas. Perhaps that's why they invented Hybrids to help harried working moms who struggle with technology???
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