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Mommy Mondays: Take it One Day at a Time

I’ve seen reruns of a 70’s sitcom called, “One Day at a Time”.  It was about a single woman and her kids.  That’s not my story, but I get the premise.  You don’t know what life may bring. So you need to savor each moment.  The theme song went something like, “This is it. This is life. The one you get. So go and have a ball!” 

I try to remember that.  But in the midst of all of the chaos called my life it’s hard. 

Today, we launched a new childcare option.  With anything new there is trepidation.  However, in Chaton’s World everything is magnified. 

The person we selected came highly recommended. However, today when we had a bit of technological difficulties things went awry.  My imagination ran wild. I became self-critical. And I got scared, really scared. I was so scared that I called nobody.  Instead, I just drove home carefully.    It was the most stressful thirty minutes of my life. 

When I arrived, the toddler was in the courtyard. She was fine.  Indeed, she was more than fine.  She was happy, healthy and well. 

I returned to work to finish the day.  When I arrived at home later the toddler was even happier.  I had nothing to worry about.  So, we went running with Andre and acted like life was good. And it was.

I have learned that motherhood is a journey filled with guilt and uncertainty. Like every other mom I am trying to minimize the chaos and manage everything day-by-day.

We ended the day with a family run and a swing at the Children's Museum. That made everything worth it!

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