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A Peek Into the Life of a Blogger Mom: Enjoying The Last Days of Summer

This summer has been great, even with our childcare and car troubles. I've been really impressed by how Andre and I have handled each challenge and managed to keep smiling through them. 
Although he wouldn't articulate it in this way, if he were pressed about it, Andre would admit that we are extraordinarily blessed. The troubles we've had are the type that can be solved with money and planning.  I'd choose those types of problems any day.  (Although if God happens to read this blog, please know that I could use without any problems of any sort for a while.  I'm just saying...)
Today, we donned our bathing suits and spent some time at the pool with friends. Although the day started out overcast, eventually the clouds parted, the sky became blue again, and the sun shined brightly.  Since we live in Pittsburgh and don't know how many sunny days are in store we capitalized on the opportunity and went to the pool. 
There are few things as enjoyable as a day at the pool on a sunny day and this day did not come up short.
It was a glorious day! The toddler loves the water.  She floated in her little floatation device, put her feet in the water, and enjoyed having a carefree day at the pool. Even though every day is carefree for her, she still really enjoys a special occasion or a vacation. Our girl likes to party!  We think it's cute at 23 months.  I hope we remember that when she's 16...
Although today is National Cherry Popsicle Day, the toddler topped off her celebration of a sunny summer day with a lemon Popsicle! And she couldn't have enjoyed it more!
Here's a video after our day at the pool.  Enjoy!!!
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