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READING ON THE RUN: Articles of Interest to Moms and Working Women

Below are four articles that I believe will be of interest to moms and working women.  They deal with parenting issues, professional successes and politics.


1. The Role of Competitiveness in Raising Healthy Children

The New York Times

Of course we all want our kids to grow up to be "winners," but how do we help them develop a positive attitude towards competition? Is there such a thing as "healthy competition?" One dad tries to figure out how to manage his hypercompetitive young son, with help from a wide range of experts.  This article is particulary interesting given the decade long trend of taking competition out of sports for children and giving everybody trophies. I wasn't athlectically gifted, but I did like being on teams.  I hated losing, but the "everybody wins" strategy seems silly to me.  Still, how do you balance kids self-esteem with a healthy understanding about how life works?

2. Mom’s Exposure to Mercury Linked to Kids’ ADHD Symptoms

TIME Magazine

There are constant studies about the benefits of eating fish and the seemingly contradictory risks of mercury exposure, especially for moms and babies. How is one to plan for dinner? This article summarizes the latest findings and is a great source of information about the benefits and risks of a great source of protein!

3. African-American Chosen as Editor at Brides

The New York Times

As the new editor in chief of Brides magazine, Keija Minor just became the first African-American woman to lead one of Condé Nast's publications in the 103-year history of the company. It's about time! Read on to learn how Keija is an inspiration for women everywhere. Rock on Keja!!!

4. What Women Voters Want

The Washington Post

We keep hearing all about the candidate's courting the "women vote." I have never heard them worry about the "men vote." Kathleen Parker exposes the condescension of women being treated as a constituency by campaigns, while exploring what really matters to women everywhere.

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