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Good Products for Baby's Skin: Johnson & Johnson Never Goes Out of Style

Johnson & Johnson sent me a nice package filled with goodies. I was thrilled.  Receiving the package made me feel like I had finally arrived in blogging game.  Also, I love Johnson & Johnson products.

Johnson’s Baby Oil Keeps Moms Silky Soft


Most people associate Johnson & Johnson with babies. However, I have been a fan for years and use their products myself. I have used baby oil on my body after showering for years.  It really helps seal in the moisture and keeps my skin soft. It also makes you legs feel silky and is a great way to look good when you’re not wearing pantyhose.

Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion and Wash Works


When I was pregnant, I knew that Johnson & Johnson would be an important part of my child’s life as well.  After having my daughter I began to rely on the Johnson’s Bedtime Lotion and Wash.  They said that it would help my baby sleep soundly.  However, like any new mom I was desperate for every moment of sleep that I could get.  I would have tried anything. 
After night, since my daughter has been about two weeks old we have had a ritual. We bathe her and give her a massage.  We massage her with The Bedtime Lotion.  It seems to soothe her, and she’s been a decent sleeper throughout.  Supposedly they use some sort of aromatherapy that helps baby sleep better.  There may be actual science behind it. However, I think that babies just like smelling good and having a good massage, kind of like grownups... 

Johnson & Johnson is a friend to moms.


Johnson & Johnson seems to understand the needs of moms without exploiting us.  Instead, they provide us with reliable products that meet our needs. For that reason, I was thrilled when a company contacted me about doing a review of Johnson & Johnson products.  I kind of like this blogging thing…
They sent Johnson’s Head-to-Toe Baby Wash and the Creamy Oil with Shea and Cocoa Butter.  These were new to me and they did not disappoint me.  The baby wash lathered up well and rinsed off easily. Also the Creamy Oil with Shea and Cocoa Butter was creamy without being greasy and had a great sense.  Now we have a reliable option for those inevitable day time wash ups too.
Thanks Johnson & Johnson!!!

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