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Guide for Parents if Hurricane Sandy Ruins Halloween...

I live in Pittsburgh. While “Burghers” believe that it’s the East Coast, I understand that it’s not. Now, everyone here understands because the East Coast is being pummeled by rain because of Hurricane Sandy and in Pittsburgh we are merely waiting and watching.  There is a HUGE difference between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Frankenstorm is Gunning for Halloween!

Today the difference is measured in rain and wind.  Philadelphia has closed mass transit and is being buried in rain. In Pittsburgh, it is cold and rainy, but not the worst that I have seen. Still, I have heard that some communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania are postponing Halloween.
This Halloween my daughter was supposed to be a witch. Yes, they do make witch costumes for toddlers.  I have a friend who despises little girls wearing black. I tend to take the position that black = chic, regardless of the size. So, my two year old daughter has several black outfits.
That’s how I decided on her Halloween costume this year.  I have a colleague who is an accomplished career woman who made her kids Halloween costumes from scratch every year. I admire her, but I am not that kind of mom.  Instead, I am the type of mom who goes to Wal-Mart to save on paper towels and picks up a costume on sale. My daughter’s costume is black and hot pick. So, she we were able to put her in a black shirt and tights to supplement her costume. Also, Wal-Mart had a matching witch hat for mommy.  Score!!!
Given the rain forecast, it is likely that we won’t be trick-or-treating.  Fortunately, my daughter has been to two Halloween parties, one at the Children’s Museum and one compliments of Giant Eagle.  Last Tuesday, Andre, the toddler and I went to the Giant Eagle headquarters for a party. It was fun. They had pizza, candy, and live music. They also had actors in costumes!
We had fun and even left with a frozen pizza by Freschetta!
Even though my toddler attended the parties I was hoping that we would also be able to trick-or-treat.  However, while Charlie Brown was waiting for the Great Pumpkin, in contrast we believe that Hurricane Sandy will be our Frankestorm and will destroy our Halloween. Since the weather will likely derail our plans and those of other families, I thought that I would post some alternatives to trick-or-treating for parents.

Here are Some Tips for Parents if Hurricane Sandy Kills Halloween...

Read Halloween Books

Working Mother Magazine posted the top ten Halloween books. They may come in handy for parents looking for activities for frustrated ghosts and goblins. Get your little trick-or-treaters excited for Halloween with these spookalicious picks!

Make Halloween Crafts

Bored kids who are mad because they can’t trick-or-treat may want to make some crafts. If you have kids like this, check out this site:

Make Halloween Baked Goods

Bored kids might also appreciate baked a tasty Halloween inspired treat. If you were like most Americans, you stocked up on bread, milk and eggs for the storm. If you also have some sugar, flour vanilla and cinnamon you could make you some Monkey Bread or some other tasty treat. Check on this link for more ideas! 

Have a Happy Halloween!!!

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