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7 Ways to Give Yourself a Holiday Bonus!

"Enjoy the holidays, but don't got into debt..." Me

Tis the season to spend money...

As we all know, the holidays can get expensive. If you are cursed blessed with a lot of people to honor at this time of year, your wallet can start to feel the drain.  If you've been prudent and budgeted appropriately, good for you. If you haven't budgeted, or have blown your budget, never fear advice is near!

Earn Extra Cash This Holiday Season

You can earn extra money during the holidays without picking up hours at your local mall, braving the elements as a helper at your local Christmas tree farm or selling your heirlooms.
In October, I watched the Katie Couric Show and found a variety of ways to earn extra cash. I discussed these tips at "Parents Palooza" last fall. However, because I want everyone to enjoy a stress-free holiday season, I am sharing Katie's tips with you. Here's a link: I also listed them below for your convenience.

  1. HTTP://TASKRABBIT.COM  (Need extra cash? Perform some tasks.)
  2. HTTP://ELANCE.COM   (Find clients, get hired, get paid—online work)
  3. HTTP://TUTOR.COM  (Have a skill? Become a tutor.)
  4. HTTP://ETSY.COM  (Turn Your Passion Into a Business)
  5. HTTP://EBAY.COM  (Got Stuff? Sell it.)
  6. GOOD OLD FASHION BARTERING--Trade what you have with someone else. This is a way to get something for nothing (almost)! One good thing would be to trade baby sitting services with a friend. That way each of you can get a date night!
  7. Complete a Survey: is a group of consumers from throughout the United States who influence future products and services by volunteering to participate in consumer research. By sharing your opinions about products and services, you are rewarded with Reward Points to redeem for cash and merchandise.

Bonus Tip

Save Money the Old Fashioned Way

There are two ways to get more money. You can make more or save more of the money you have.  
Don't forget to clip coupons from the Sunday paper and visit sites where you can get coupons for free.
Using the free resources that your city has to offer like the library is a great way to maximize your resources. You can use the computer for free, get books for free and even get holiday movies.  Sometimes we forget about all of the things that we can still get for free.

Get an Interest Free Loan

If you can't find the time to earn more money, and the money saved at the library and free events isn't enough, consider applying for an interest free loan. This is the answer for those who have a temporary cash flow problem that will be resolved soon.  Visit for additional information. You should also check with your church or religious organization to see if they have an interest free loans for members.

Happy holidays!

(Let me know if you take advantage of these opportunities!)
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