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Twitter Tuesday: Cool Women on Twitter

During this holiday season I am featuring women who inspire me on Twitter. Below is a list of some of my favorites!

1.    @Brandi Jeter: Brandi J is a Bay area mom who is committed to living life in a big way. She describes herself as “Ayva's Mom, Online Content Creator, @iVillage #Ivoices, Community Support for @CBSocialFabric, @ShadesSocial, Founder of @MatterMoreMedia.” Learn more about her at

2.     @HollyPavlika:Holly Pavlika is a very impressive lady. She does so many things that I wonder how she finds time to sleep! She describes herself as “President, MOMentum Nation. Marketing to and with moms. MediaPost Engage Moms. Shot@Life, Global Poverty Project, 10X10 Educate Girls Champion.”

3.     @allthingsfadra Fadra Nally is a girl after my own heart. She describes herself as “Mom. Wife. Ex-Corporate Worker. Seeing if I can do it better my way. Join me in my off time at @CharInfluence and @SocialDialect.”

4.     @hollyrpeete: She is an actress, author, and TV personality. She is also an autism advocate. Here’s a recent post. “Tomorrow in NY I will participate in a panel discussion on #autism held by Amex with @autismspeaks ... #1in88” She’s awesome! I have been a fan of Holly Robinson Peete since she came on the scene with 21 Jump Street. I also think that we look alike. It may just be me though.

5.      @momsatwork: Working moms need a network so that we can understand that we’re not the only one who is late getting home, misses birthday parties and/or goes to work without showering.  Moms at work describes themselves as “a group of working moms who every day engage in a precarious tight-rope act of balancing our jobs and family. Yes, sometimes we fall off!”  In a word, they are my people!

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