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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Nap Time Should be Protected

We live across the street from a church. Generally, that is a good thing. A statue of St. Peter overlooks our home and motivates us to do better. It’s not to say that we don’t lie or have engage in acts unlawful in some states, but we definitely don’t cheat or steal. And, even though I don’t always stop, when I see St. Peter looking down on us it does make me want to stop nagging and yelling.

I love God, praise Jesus and all that. However, I would like to do serious harm to the church chimes across the street...

Living across the street from a church can wreak havoc on nap time...

Still there is one drawback of living across the street from a church—the constant chimes. When I first moved in—before Andre, before the toddler—when life was easy and comprised of travel and shopping, the chimes were endearing. Now, the chimes are annoying and more frequent. Since the beginning of the year, the chimes have been ringing every fifteen minutes between 8:00AM and 11:00PM. That schedule wreaks havoc on nap time!
This Saturday, I made a fateful mistake today. I kept the toddler out past her nap time. Andre and I took her shopping for clothes for our upcoming vacation. Then, we went to lunch because she insisted on having “chicken”. She is a woman who knows what she wants. So, we took her to lunch. She had a chicken “cheese steak” replete with French fries. She was so happy.

Disrupting nap time has consequences...

Then, she fell asleep in the car on the way home. When we got home, it was 3:45 PM, I took her out of the car and it was cold and windy. I carried her in the cold and wind. She woke up and had to go potty. Afterwards, she willingly went to bed. However, she hasn’t been able to fall asleep because of the chimes that keep going off every fifteen minutes.
Now, it’s 5:30, I have a toddler who has not had a much needed nap and I am blaming it on the church.  I had planned to give myself a pedicure during nap time, but I never had enough uninterrupted time. The nail polish is upstairs. And there is a creak in the hallway on the way upstairs. Since I put the toddler down I have been trying to sit and be as quiet as possible. Gotta go, I hear a little person calling my new name, “Mommy” and she is jumping in the crib!
While it is appropriate, I feel a little guilty crying out “W-T-F” at the church!!!
(If I had Robin Hood on speed dial I would hire him to use his bow and arrow to take out the chimes. I am certain that I could pay him handsomly because every mother on the North Side would join me in paying him off!)

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