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Wednesday's Working Mom Words of Wisdom: Expressing Easter Gratitude

"the lesson we learn is to passionately express our daily moments with living grace and gratitude."--philosophy

I find inspiration everywhere and today's inspiration was found in an ad for philosophy "living grace" perfume in  InStyle magazine. Go figure!

This working mom is truly grateful.

This blog is about my quest for balance in my stilettos. A lot of times my description of my “quest” sounds like the ranting of a woman possessed or at least one who is barely making it work.  While it is true that I feel that way some of the time, the truth also is, I live a truly blessed life that is filled with love and a good deal of what I want to do in addition to those things that I have to do. So, although I did not manage to hit the Powerball and have no plans to leave Andre and take up with that handsome man from New Jersey who did, I am truly grateful for the life I live.

Here’s a peek into some of the things from this past weekend that made me smile.

Easter memories that make me smile...

First, my sister arrived from Atlanta on Holy Thursday to spend the Easter holiday with us. Whenever I am fortunate enough to spend time with my sister I am overjoyed. We have great fun together and seeing her play aunt to my daughter truly makes my heart sing. Also, it seems like she arrives right when I need a break! Since Andre has been tied up with his parents’ bathroom for the past month and a half and seems like he’ll be tied up with it for eternity I welcomed having the extra set of hands. I also think that the toddler loved having my sister, who has boundless energy, play with her. I know my sister enjoyed it. So, it was a victory for all involved!
My sister, the toddler and me at The Carnegie Science Center

Andre enjoys holidays as much as anybody does and really tries to make special memories. There are holidays. Then there are holidays Andre style! On Saturday, he decided to have a cookout and color eggs with both of our families. Everyone enjoyed coloring the eggs, especially the toddler who thought that the best way to color eggs was to dip them in all of the colors!

The toddler coloring eggs...

 Photo: WB150F

On Sunday morning she woke up to the most spectacular Easter basket a girl could ever have. Then we went to church and went to brunch with Andre’s family.  After that we went to my parents house had an Easter egg hunt and had dinner. We could have packed more into Easter Sunday but I don’t see how.
The toddler with her grandad on Easter Sunday

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