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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Counting My Blessings

There are days when I think even atheists praise God. Today is one of those days. Yesterday I heard some very disturbing news about a young woman that reminded me of how blessed I am and have been. It’s not that I haven’t had challenges, but knowing about the challenged faced by others has a way of giving me perspective.

Counting my blessings

Today, I got up and went for a run. The sun is shining, which is always a major event in Pittsburgh. As I ran along the river I really experienced the splendor of it. I noticed the geese, the smells and enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine on my face. With each step my faith was renewed. I don’t know why I am so enormously blessed, but I believe that right thing to do, the only thing I can do is to be grateful.
Once my toddler wakes up I am going to hug her hard and enjoy every moment with her—even the crying, whining and potty accidents! (We’ll see if that’s a reality. I am grateful, but I am not perfect.)
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