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Toddler Tales: Potty Training

Mommy:              Do you have to go potty?

Toddler:               No.  (passes gas)

Mommy:              (sniffing.  Smelling something that’s not very fresh.)

Mommy:              Do you have to go poopy?!

Toddler:               Yes.

Mommy frantically gets the toddler on the toilet.

Toddler:               I went poopy!

Mommy:              Are you all done?

Toddler:               All done! I want to take a picture.

Mommy:              A picture?

Toddler:               Yes, of the poopy!

Mommy:              Shaking my head and thinking, “Perhaps I have taken this--blogging, constant picture taking—thing too far. Clearly my child thinks that everything is a "Kodak moment"!

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