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A Peek Into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Check Me Out on IQ Parent this Sunday

Me and the host, Angela SantomeroI am honored to be affiliated with the WQED IQ: Smart Parent Program. WQED is a PBS member television station that is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The IQ:Smart Parent Program is focused on helping us parent better in theses changing times called the 21st Century. As a working mom I am particularly interested in this program.  With all of my responsibilities, I don't have time to research everything myself. So, I value these programs, created by the same station that produced "Mister Rodgers Neighborhood", that help me become a better parent.

Today, WQED will be hosting a “marathon” of IQ:Smart Parent shows that deal with the topic of the influence of media and technology on our children. It’s a very relevant topic given the increase use that technology plays in our lives and our children’s increased exposure to media,  especially in a world when they can get it 24/7.

(Find the shows on Comcast Channel 9.)'
  1. “Learning with Games”: Can video and online games be positive learning tools for kids?
  2. “Girls Growing Up with Media”: How are girls portrayed in the media? How does this impact their decisions, behaviors, and sense of self?
  3. "Health, Wellness, and Technology”: Can technology and digital devices contribute to our health and wellness?
  4. “Tune In, Tune Out”: Do your children believe everything they see on TV? How does your child learn to separate fiction from reality? (Be sure to check out this one. I appear on the show!)

They will air in order, back to back, on Sunday, September 8th beginning at 2:30pm. For more information, check out:   
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