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A Working Mom's Request: Companies Should Establish Nap Time

Baby taking a nap.

Disclosure:          This post is only half serious.

I have previously written about sleep deprivation and the working mom. I even advised moms to get more sleep. Now, I have a way that companies can help moms out...

Companies, Establish Nap Time

My company has a no sleeping on the job policy. However, I think that it needs to be revisited. We currently give people breaks for going to the bathroom, eating and smoking (although that will be changing next year). We do not provide nap breaks or even allow people to take them. I think that should be changed.

As you know, my daughter recently started pre-school. She's pleased that they incorporate a nap into the curriculum. They recognize that after a day full of stimulation the little ones need a break. I argue that the adults could use one too.
There have been many articles written about the mid-day slump, the afternoon slump and how to maintain your energy and attention after lunch. Indeed, Starbucks created an entire industry and has made millions on the notion that many individuals need something to keep them motivated. If you fail to get adequate rest at night, never fear, they’ll caffeinate you! 

Don’t forget, caffeine is a drug. And like all drugs, people become addicted to it. Rather than allow employees to nap we would much prefer that they drug themselves throughout the day. Perhaps that’s why for decades smoking breaks existed without question and were encouraged. Not all drugs are created equal though. Caffeine and nicotine during work hours-Yes. Alcohol, heroin and cocaine-no.  Got it.

As I found myself diligently typing away today and fighting the overwhelming fatigue that was attempting to envelope me-- kind of like the spirits in the movie Ghost that came after the bad people—I found myself wondering whether companies might not save a lot of money and maximize workers creativity, and help their workers save money by buying less Starbucks products,  if they both permitted and encouraged a 30-45 minute power nap???

Since our policy forbids sleeping on the job and I have a job where I’d never find time to take advantage of my proposed “nap policy”, I decided to suck on a mint. It was full of sugar. I’m sure that my dentist will thank me!

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