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A Peek into the Life of a Mommy Blogger: Internet Jokes (Chaton Turner sent you a Twitter Invitation)

I was in my Twitter account and it asked me whether I wanted to invite my GMAIL contacts to join Twitter. I falsely assumed that it would only send invitations to those who were not already on Twitter. Well, I received one. And I know that my Twitter savvy friend, Deborah Gilboa, MD (otherwise known as "Doctor G")  received one too.
I'm sharing this tale with all of you. If you use Twitter, don't fall for the "invitation" ploy. Chances are everyone you know who would like to use Twitter are already using it and if they are not, your email probably won't motivate them!
If you know anyone looking to unload some Twitter stock, we are still looking for things to put under our Christmas tree...


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Chaton Turner has invited you to join Twitter!
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