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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Halloween and Pumpkin Patches

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I love summer, but fall is a different kind of fun. Thanks to Andre, now that I’ve become a mom, I no longer view Halloween as a day. I view it as a season.

A a few weeks ago we ventured to the pumpkin farm as has become our tradition. We walked around in the mud, took hay rides and picked out pumpkins. We got four big ones and one baby one. We also enjoyed hot apply cider and a chili dog.

The chili dog has a funny story. I bought it for myself and planned to eat it while my daughter played on the playground. She had been eyeing the yellow slide and asking to play, so I figured I could take a break while she played and Andre paid for the pumpkins. Well, my daughter had her eyes set on the chili dog too. When I told her to go play on the playground, she said, “First we need to sit down and have our dinner.” So, we sat down and shared the chili dog and she ate about half of it! 

Toddler and her friend at the pumpkin patch
Last Sunday, we had a Halloween party to carve the pumpkins. We had a cake, decorations, including a special table cloth and plates. I think that all of the hoopla confused the toddler because she declared it her "Halloween birthday"! So, we had to sing a "Happy Halloween to you" song.

It Takes a Village to Raise Your Child, Especially for Holidays

Like all holidays, Halloween presents a unique challenge for working moms. Finding a costume that is safe and that your child likes can be time consuming. Finding one that is versatile enough for the rain and cold is even a bigger challenge.

Toddler, with our jack o' lanterns in her cute Little Bo Peep costume!
As a working mom it takes a village to raise my child. My village is comprised of friends, family and caregivers. This year, my dear brother came through big and gave my daughter a Little Bo Peep costume for her birthday. Because of him, this Halloween we were ready. When her school said that the children weren't able to celebrate Halloween, but they were able to dress up like book characters, we were ready for that too.

I think that one of the best things you can do for your child is to create  community of those who love her and who are invested in her happiness. That way you can focus on other things, like sleep!

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