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Working Mom Tip: Using Technology to Stay Organized

Toddler with my Samsung Galaxy Tablet

I have written some pieces recently that discusses the challenges of technology and how it keeps working moms tethered to their jobs, even when they would prefer to be with their families.
Upon reflection though, I decided that I should discuss the other side of the story too—how technology can help make working moms more efficient. After all, I am a part of “Verizon Moms Voices Program” and I have gotten some pretty amazing devices from Samsung, most recently the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  If used right, and on our terms, technology can help us do more with less and give us the gift of time--the one thing that we value more than anything except a hug from our kids.

Using Technology to Stay Organized

We as working mothers have way too much to do on a daily basis. From taking care of all the responsibilities of a career, raising children, housework, and helping with homework. The list seems to go on forever. Luckily, there are ways to use all of today’s technological advances to stay organized and be as efficient as possible.
Just about everyone has a smartphone today, which is an amazing piece of technology. So use it for more than just texting and updating your social media sites. ZipList is the ultimate list planner so you stay organized and make each errand run count. How many times do you remember you need to pick up laundry liquid while waiting to pick up the kids only to forget when you head to do food shopping? By taking advantage of this list tracking app once installed, you can browse recipes while shopping so you are sure you pick up every ingredient as well as sync your lists across multiple platforms. Best of all it is free!
Something that I find incredibly frustrating is trying to remember all the accounts, user IDs and passwords needed to access everything. You aren’t supposed to write anything down, as well as change your password regularly; but how many of us actually do that? Dashlane is a free app that can help not only keep all that information organized, it keeps it all incredibly secure. Dashlane’s free password manager can automatically import your passwords from your browser into your secure password vault. You can also save any missing passwords as you browse and create a new password within the browser. You can also get automatic alerts when websites are breached.
No matter if it is for business or pleasure, we all worry about forgetting something when heading out on a trip. Luckily, Packing Pro is a low-cost app that can help you prepare. Packing Pro lets you create unlimited and completely customized packing lists and offers syncing and sharing options, display customization, and plenty of sample lists so nothing is left to chance. The “list assistant” can even help you make lists based on the number of adults or children in your travel party.
While all these apps are great ways to help you stay organized, they aren’t worth anything without making sure you have a functioning cell phone. If you happen to drop your phone or your daughter spills juice on your phone while watching a movie, you are completely out of luck. If you need to replace your phone and you aren’t eligible for an upgrade, you could end up paying full price. That leaves you with only a few options. You can go on an auction site and attempt to purchase a replacement phone on the cheap, which can take time to find, bid, win, get shipped, and reset or you can pay full price at an electronics or cellular provider store. If you have a comprehensive cell phone coverage plan, you will have a better chance of getting your replacement phone quickly.  My smartphone coverage is through ProtectCELL and I have been very happy with their plan options and customer service.
So make sure you use your phone for something useful that will ultimately help you save time and stay organized. There are plenty of great tools out there!

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