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A Working Mom Shares Vacation Memories on a Winter Day... (#Winter)

Today is a wintery day in Pittsburgh. the roads are covered with snow. Summer, which was wonderful, seems to be a distant memory.  There is a winter advisory. And, numerous schools in the area were cancelled of delay.  Our daughter's school was not cancelled or delayed. So, like a dutiful working mom, after I took a conference call at 7:00 AM, I braved the elements and took her to school.  During our walk it was clear, there is no doubt that winter has arrived in full effect. Forget  the calendar. 
On days like these, in particular, I question the wisdom of relocating from Raleigh, NC to Pittsburgh, Pa. to be truthful, I grew up in Rochester, NY, which is known for its epic snow storms. Still, I moved to NC shortly after college. So, it became home and I got used to the Carolina blue skies.
I don't suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. However, I do need sunny/warmer/happier images to help me brave the Pittsburgh winter days, especially when the sky is grey, the sun is hiding behind the clouds, and the cold temperature goes straight to your bones.

Since a decent percentage of my readers live on the East Coast where we all braving the snow, I decided to share a photo of a fond memory from our summer vacation to Virginia Beach.  After a day at the beach, my daughter decided to take a bubble bath. It was loads of fun.

Here's to brighter days!

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