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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: I had the Baby!

  "Life happens when you are busy making other plans." --John Lennon

It has been said that life happens when you are busy making other plans. Apparently, that's when babies come too...

I had a very elaborate maternity leave plan that included me delivering on or after my due date. My baby was due on March 29th. Below is a photo of him. He came on March 15th. Somehow, someway, he failed to get my detailed maternity leave memo.

Go figure?!

There's a lot that I would like to share about my birth experience and what happened next. However,  I am still playing catch up. Delivering two weeks early threw my schedule for a loop. I'd tell you about it, but haven't got the time. Don't worry, soon I will.  Until then,  know that I am in a blissful,  sleep deprived haze...

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