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Beyonce, One Working Mom Who Rocked the VMAs

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Who doesn't like Beyonce? As Saturday Night Live illustrated with its Beygency skit, liking Beyonce is almost an American value.  On this Friday, I wanted to share a photo from the MTV Video Music Awards that focuses on Beyonce, the working mom. The photo represents the moment Beyonce received the "Vanguard Award" at the Awards show.  In my opinion, it captures what all working moms strive for.

This Working Mom Can Relate to Beyonce's VMA Moment

I may never know what it is like to have an auditorium yell my name. (Although I did get a standing ovation from 700 people and that was damn cool.) I may never have a world tour. Indeed, I will likely never know what it is like to be an international superstar. However, I do know what it is like to work hard for something and want recognition for my efforts.  I also know what it is like to strive to be a superstar to my kids.

That's why I was so moved when I saw the photos and video clips of Beyonce getting her award last Sunday. Seeing her child and husband join her onstage was priceless. And hearing her daughter yell, "Yeah Mommy!" warmed my heart.

I don't know what it is like to be Beyonce.  But what I do know is that at some point in my life I would like for my husband to bring the kids to share in my achievements. I would like to have our kids be excited about what I do. And, if they are so moved I would like for them to yell, "Yeah, Mommy!"

Here's hoping!

(I know about the divorce rumors. I don't know if they're true or false.  What I do know is this was a beautiful moment.)

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