A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: It was a Wonderful Weekend

This weekend we got to have family time. And family time is always good!

Anybody who has kids understands that it is important to keep them stimulated. One way to do that is find out about interesting events going on and attend those that make sense. Recently, we went shopping for shoes and attended an event.

Shopping trips with two children under four are adventures

On Saturday, we went to Marshall’s, otherwise known as my second home. Our goal was to buy shoes for the toddler, but we got a few more things too. If you haven’t gone shopping with an infant and a toddler, you haven’t lived! The kids were fairly well behaved for most of the trip and I got cocky. I perused the lingerie, the clothes and the skincare items. I made a rookie mommy mistake and I deserved what I got.

This photo isn't from the shopping trip described below, but it does reflect the general personality of my toddler...

Toddler and baby

I forgot that Marshall’s also sells toys, lots of them.   When my toddler saw them she became convinced that we should take some of them home and we had a conflict. Eventually, I talked her off the ledge without her falling to the floor demanding anything. However, by the time that was done, the baby became hungry and began to whine. By the time we got to the register he was crying.  I picked him up out of his stroller and became more content. However, I could tell by the way he was trying to suck through my shirt that we didn’t have much time.  

As luck would have it, the cashier made an error.  She inadvertently voided one of my items.  Then she was unable to identify the item when looking in the bags. She was at a loss and about to go through the bags again. Given the line of people looking at me with judgement in their eyes, and my kids’ waning cooperation, I told her that we were about two seconds away from a meltdown and that they could keep everything if she couldn't figure it out.  I wasn't trying to be rude or make a power move. I was simply telling the truth.  She simply checked me out. I think she wanted us out of there, whether we walked away with something free or not!

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