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Balancing Work and Family: An Interview with Deb Gilboa, MD

Deb and her husband

I became aware of Deb Gilboa (Doctor G) over three years ago when we were both featured in Pittsburgh Mom bloggers create online community (because no parent is perfect).  Since then I have gotten to know her and have been constantly impressed. When we met for lunch recently, I swear she was able to have lunch with me, manage her schedule and book a future TV appearance within an hour. During that lunch I decided that you would all appreciate hearing more about this physician, writer and mother who is committed to helping us all become better parents.

Here’s my interview with the lovely Deb Gilboa, MD, author of How to Get the Behavior You Want... Without Being the Parent You Hate!.

Fun Facts about Dr. G

Dr. G is a Different Kind of Doctor

Deb is a physician with a drama background which is one of the reasons she’s had so many successful television appearances. Indeed, Deb has worked in or for every major cultural performance venue in Pittsburgh among them, Pittsburgh Public Theatre, City Theatre, and the Pittsburgh opera. Considering  how Pittsburgh loves the arts, that’s saying something!

Dr. G is the Kind of Woman Who Gets the Most Out of Life

When asked whether she likes chocolate or vanilla she said, “twist”. That answer highlights Deb’s general approach to life. She sees no need to sacrifice when she can have both.  

I’ve met people who know Deb and they all marvel at her ability to bring her heart to her career and to pursue such a vibrant speaking, writing and consulting career while practicing medicine. They sometimes forget that she’s doing all of this while parenting her own four children.

Dr. G has a great love story

Deb met her husband at an event and he had her at "hello". She fell for his sexy voice and intelligence. As you can tell from the photo above, many years and four kids later, they are still going strong!

Dr. G is a Special Kind of Working Mom

One of the things that impresses me about Deb is that she is so very practical. 
She has assessed what her kids need and gives it to them.  She manages her medical career, speaking career, and newly found career as an author without employing outside care givers. Instead, she and her husband and work opposite schedules so one or the other of them is almost always with the boys. While it is the kind of flexibility often afforded to clinical careers, this commitment to their kids is impressive nonetheless. For those gaps she is blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-law who seems to genuinely love spending time with her kids and a variety of wonderful friends and family who make up our village. I am beyond jealous!

The Gilboa clan
Dr. G is passionate about helping parents

Deb uses all of her training and skills to help parents raise healthier children. And she has a deep well of experience. She's a family doctor a parenting writer and speaker. She has devoted her life to parenting and uses all the ideas and tips she has learned to make parents even more effective!

Advice for young women about working motherhood

"Don't look for balance between work and family and marriage and self each day. Look for it over the course of a season or a month or, if you're very lucky, a week. Then you might find it." 

Stay tuned for more about Dr. G's great new book!

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