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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Attending The Very Eric Carle Exhibit Party

With the designer
Last Friday night I had the pleasure of attending the world premiere of an exhibit at The Children’s Museum in Pittsburgh and it was AWESOME! The exhibit is entitled, “Very Eric Carle” and is a play-and-learn exhibit featuring activities inspired by some of Carle’s books. Notably he wrote the very popular,  The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which is a favorite in my house.

The exhibit was developed for our Children's Museum by our local artists and it is an incredible adventure into Mr. Carle's works. It is also a child's dream.

My love affair with The Children's Museum

I thought that I couldn't be more impressed by the staff of The Children's Museum, but I was wrong. They definitely exceeded my expectations with this exhibit.

I attended the event because I’m a sucker for those types of things and have a special place in my heart for The Children’s Museum. I received my “40 Under 40” award there. Also, it is probably the place that I have the most time with my kids other than my house. We have lived across the street for ten years and my daughter attended preschool there. Sometimes I think she believes that it is an extension of our house, which is nice since our town home is small.

I was excited about the event. It was an excuse to get dressed up and have a great time. So, I did my hair, put on a comfortable dress (it was hot as all get out that night) and put on my high heel wedge sandals and got ready to leave. As I was leaving, my daughter said, "Why can't I come?" I said because children aren't invited tonight. She said, "I am always invited and I have a nice dress." While it seemed like a logical argument, I left her and her brother and went out in search of adult conversation.

Children are Always Welcome at the Children's Museum, DUH!

Wouldn't you know it. My daughter was right! After getting a glass of wine and walking around I saw other children enjoying the exhibit. I knew that I’d never be able to explain why I didn’t bring my kids, invariably photos would have surfaced. Also, besides that, things are really more fun with them, even if they do wear me out. So, I called Ashley, the lovely girl who was watching them. I asked her to get them dressed and bring them over. When Ashley and the kids arrived my daughter smugly said, "I told you that I was invited!"

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