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A Peek Into the Life of a Working Mom: Pursuing a Perfect Halloween…

A Case of the Sillies at Reilly Summer Seat Farm

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about our trip to the pumpkin patch. (To review that post, click here) Well that was our first trip. We actually failed to secure pumpkins during that trip and also failed to take a hay ride. It turns out that the advertised closing time (6:00PM) on the website and on Facebook is wrong. 

A Halloween Meet Up

So, our plans to avoid the traffic and the lines and get on the last hayride were for naught because we missed it by about 30 minutes. So, instead of hay riding, we played, as indicated on the photos.Last Sunday, I attempted to rectify that by meeting up with other moms at the pumpkin patch. The kids and I were forced out of the house due to fumes generated by Andre’s painting of the kitchen trim anyway. We needed to find something to amuse ourselves. So, it seemed like a fine time to return and participate in a meet up.

Me and my guy at Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

Working moms need to stay committed to the goal in spite of obstacles

Well, we had some challenges. First, my dear daughter spilled syrup all over her clothes at brunch. So, we went to Marshall’s to buy her some replacements. Second, her mother had left the house in heels, which were impractical for the pumpkin patch. Hell, they were probably impractical for brunch with the kids too, but we won’t dwell on that… So, mama bought some rain boots at Marshall’s too. Then, we were off to the pumpkin patch!
Enjoying a hay ride

My daughter with kettle corn from Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

Needless to say we were all set for the pumpkin patch and determined to get our pumpkins. We rode on the hay ride. I sat with the kids at the back of the trailer because that's actually the most secure place.

Well, as luck would have it, we actually wound up buying a $15.00 pumpkin at Giant Eagle! The reason is, we found no good pumpkins during the hayride and after the hayride my daughter had to go to use the restroom. Since her mama hates port-a-johns more than anything else on the planet we wound up at Giant Eagle to use the restroom, have lunch, and to buy a pumpkin! 

Baby exploring Reilly's Summer Seat Farm

At the end of the day, we did everything that we set out to accomplish. We visited the pumpkin patch. We played some games. We took a hay ride. And, we got a pumpkin. So what if it took us multiple trips and the pumpkin came from the grocery store. The only thing the kids will remember is that we carved it!

Happy Halloween!!!

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